Friday, October 9, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Five Picks

Cincinnati-Baltimore: Cincinnati- The Bengals have looked very solid so far this year, and I think Ochocinco is going to put on a show in this big division game. 

Cleveland-Buffalo: Buffalo- Cleveland does not Rock.

Washington-Carolina: Carolina- The Panthers have not looked to good to start off the season with a 0-3 record, but the Skins have looked even worse with a 2-2 record

Pittsburgh-Detroit: Pittsburgh- After giving Da Bears a little scare the Lions crumbled and so did their QB. Culpeper may have to start this game, either way though Pitt wins easy. 

Dallas-Kansas City: Dallas- The Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Dallas needs to rebound in this one or else Cowboy nation will be incredibly unhappy. Tony Romo is going to need to find his game early on in this one. 

Oakland-New York Giants: New York- After watching Jamarcus Russell against the Texans pass D last weekend I learned just how bad he was. And with no Run DMC it is going to be a LOOOOONG game for the RAIIIIIIDAS. 

Tampa Bay-Philadelphia: Philadelphia- Donavan McNabb and Westbrook are back and ready to tear it up. Plus they have Brent Celek...

Minnesota-St. Louis: Minnesota- Could the Rams be any worse?

Atlanta-San Francisco: San Francisco- San Francisco has been a very impressive team so far this year and I look for them to keep it up in this tight game with the Falcons. 

Houston-Arizona: Houston- Who knows if the Texans can show any consistency ever. But I do know this shoot out will be a fun one to watch. 

New England-Denver: New England- Seriously how is Denver 4-0? Finally there streak comes to an end against Brady's Bunch. If Denver win this one then I am a believer. 

Jacksonville-Seattle: Jacksonville- Seattle has not been too impressive this year, and after a slow start the Jags have started to get on a roll, Garrard is starting to look like the Garrard from two years ago. 

Indianapolis-Tennessee: Indianapolis- Colts could very well be the best team in the NFL right now. Its hard to say the Titans are going to be 0-5 but I just cant see them beating Indy.

New York Jets-Miami: New York- This well be a fun one to watch. Sexy Rexy's Tenacious D vs the Wildcat. Plus to young QB's. The Jets D might be too much for young Chad Henne to take on.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I thought I would post a quick note on the one game playoff played between the Tigers and Twins last night. The game could have been the last baseball game ever played at the Metrodome, and the Dome was absolutely rockin. The 12 inning up and down game which saw both teams blow leads was one that basebal fans will not soon forget. I must say that prior to this game I was not very excited for the MLB playoffs, but now, I cannot wait until they really get going. The Twins won the game but the celebration was brief considering an ALDS matchup in New York against the Yankees begis today. I am hoping for a Twins Rockies world series just to stick it to all the big market teams. Let's enjoy.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Four Picks

Overall Record: 32-16
Last Week Record: 11-5

After a shaky week 2 I rebounded strongly in week 3. Now all I can do is hope that the Texans rebound against the lowly lowly lowly Raiders. Jamarcus, you have completed less then 50% of your passes, what are you doing in the NFL as a starting QB? Feel free to read the blog and comment any time Jamarcus, I will be waiting. 

Detroit-Chicago: Chicago- The Bears are looking very strong after a week 1 loss to the Pack that came at the very end of the game. Even with the Lions coming off of a win, it could be there last for a while. 

Cincinnati-Cleveland: Cincinnati- I just can not see the Browns winning a game any time soon, and with OGOchoCinco sportin' the pink for breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October he is going to show up big this weekend. 

Oakland-Houston: Houston- If the Texans lose this game D-Coordinator, Frank Bush, and Head Coach, Gary Kubiak, will have very toasty butts after the game. Luckily for them I think the team is too powerful for the Raiders to beat. 

Seattle-Indianapolis: Indianapolis- With Seneca "Harrison" Wallace starting for the Hawks I do not think that they are going to win, especially against a very strong Indy team. Pierre Garcon, get in that endzone today for my fantasy squad. 

Tennessee-Jacksonville: Tennessee- The Titans are not going to start the season off 0-4. They have had a tough schedule to start the season so this team is not as bad as there record shows. Keith Bullock has told all fantasy owners to BENCH MJD! I agree. 

New York Giants-Kansas City: New York- The G-Men have looked like one of the better teams in the NFL so far, Kansas City at 0-3 are not pulling off any upset today. 

Baltimore-New England: New England- People are beginning to think the Patriots have lost there swagger, but the Brady Bunch today will pull of the home W against the Flacco led Ravens. 

Tampa Bay-Washington: Washington- As bad as I wanted to pick the Bucs in this game, I could not do it. Josh Johnson gets the start over Byron, but I would not be surprised if the game ends with a different Josh playing QB for the Bucs. 

Buffalo-Miami: Miami- Yes I do think that Chad Henne can lead this Dolphin team to victory over the Bills. I also expect to see a heavy heavy dose of the Wildcat. Run Ronnie Run. 

New York Jets-New Orleans: New York- As I said before, until the Jets do in fact lose I can not see them losing. Their D has just been way too dominate and Sanchez has looked like a very very solid QB. But Leon cant do everything... (Budwiser Commercial Reference) 

Dallas-Denver: Dallas- I have no faith in the Broncos even though they are 3-0, they have beaten the Bengals, Raiders, and Browns. So could anyone really believe this team is any good? Plus Marion Barber is coming back for the game today. 

St. Louis-San Francisco: San Francisco- I like this 49er team a lot, if it were not for Brett last week then they would be looking at an incredibly good 3-0 start. Even without Frank they still have Coffee.  

San Diego-Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh- Big Ben is a great leader and commander of this football team, this game which is close to a must win, will prove this to everyone. This should be a great game for Sunday night. 

Green Bay-Minnesota: Green Bay- If it is not known by now...I Hate Brett Favre, any man that plays 16 years in one place and then goes to the arch enemy to end his career gets absolutely no respect or love from me. Aaron Rodgers will show the world (Yes the world, who will not be watching this game?) how good he really is, and I want nothing more then for A-Rod to tear up the Vikings D.


Fantasy Week Four Studs and Duds

Last night as I watched the Miami-Oklahoma game only one thing came to my mind, Miami is BACK. After a shaky start Jacory Harris looked like an All-American quarterback, Javaris James whose career has had its ups and downs had a game that he will certainly never forget, rushing for 15o yards against the Oklahoma D that was suppose to carry the team with Bradford out. Then you have the stellar sophomores at widereciever, Aldarius Johnson (not Andre Johnson, yet), Travis Benjamin and LaRon Byrd. Those three wideouts are looking to follow in some great footsteps, and they look well on their way to do just that. After a loss to a very good underrated Virginia Tech team last weekend they had to come out and prove something to the world, and they did just that. It is great for College Football to have Miami back in the mix for BCS Bowl games. And now the moment you have all been waiting for... My Studs and Duds for Week 4!

Overall Record: 9-9

Week 3 Record: 3-3

Week 3 Studs:

Ben Rothlisbergr 22/31 276 yards 1 td 1 int 3 rush yards 1 td- Hit

Matt Schaub 26/35 300 yards 3 td 1 int- Hit

Darren McFadden 12/45 3 fumble 1 lost- Miss

Week 3 Duds:

Thomas Jones 14/20- Hit

Kurt Warner 30/52 332 1 td 2 int 1 fumble- Miss (Barely)

Brandon Marshall 5/67 1 td- Miss

Week 4 Studs:

Kevin Walter WR-HOU: Walter is going up against the Raiders, who other than Nnamdi pretty much have noone. So the Raiders will be left with the decision of either shut down Andre or shut down K-Walt, my guess they try and shut down Andre which will make Kevin the main go to WR for Stumb the Schaub.

Matt Forte RB-CHI: Forte has had a very disappointing season for fantasy owners so far this year, he was top 5 in almost every draft. Today is where the owners who took him are finally left happy with their choice. The Lions run D is nothing special, Clinton Portis just sucks.

Aaron Rodgers QB-GB: I do not think that anyone could possibly be more motivated for a game then A-Rod will be Monday night. This guy has handled every situation that Old Man Brett has put him through with such class, that it is impossible to not rout for this kid in the game Monday. I know his teammates want nothing more then to get a W for Aaron.

Week 4 Duds:

Maurice Jones-Drew RB-JAC: Dear Keith Bullock, DO NOT LET ME DOWN!

Brett Favre QB-MIN: The Packers Defense will be doing all the can to shut down Brett, and try to make him retire before the games end (Very Possible). I think that if the Vikings want to win this game they are going to have to do it through All Day Adrian PETERSONNN.

John Carlson TE-SEA: Congrats to John Carlson for being the first TE ever on Studs and Duds, unfortunately for him it is as a Dud. Carlson has been raking up stats all year long, but this weekend he faces a very tough Indy Pass Defense. With Seneca still most likely at the helm for the Hawks I cant "sea" Carlson doing too much this game.


JG's NFL Week 4 Picks

Although it may seem the NFL season started just yesterday, most teams will be done with 25% of their season at day's end. After those wonderful words of wisdom, it's time for the picks.

Tennessee (-3) @Jacksonville- The Titans slim playoff hopes ride entirely on this game. As hard as it is to make the playoffs after starting 0-3, the season is pretty much over at 0-4. Tennessee avoids a season ending situation with a big day from Chris Johnson. If the Jaguars key in on Chris, Kerry Collins needs to distribute the ball to Justin Gage and Nate Washington. The Titans take this one in Jacksonville.

Titans 21- Jaguars-17

Cincinnati (-6.5) @Cleveland- Cleveland has been outscored this year 95-29. The truly sad part is that their new starting QB Derek Anderson won the job by throwing three picks against the Ravens. Cincy on the other hand is a tipped ball away from being 3-0. So WHO DEY, WHO DEY, WHO DEY THINK GONNA BEAT THEM BENGALS...well definitely not the Browns.

Bengals 28- Browns 14

Tampa Bay (+8) @Washington- The 26th and 27th scoring offenses faceoff in Landover. Raheem Morris pulled the plug on former H.D. Woodson star Byron Leftwich, meaning that Josh Johnson (no, not the Marlins pitcher) will start for the Bucs. This ugly game will go the Redskins, although their offense will not be able to cover the eight points.

Redskins 17- Buccaneers 10

New York Giants (-9) @Kansas City- The Chiefs' offense, even with Matt Cassel, has looked helpless. The number two ranked Giants D won't make it any easier for Larry Johnson's crew this week.

Giants 24- Chiefs 14

Detroit (+10) @Chicago- Chicago may look hot at 2-1, but in each of their victories they were bailed out by "idiot kickers." Detroit is riding its first wave of momentum in over a year into the Windy City. Matt Stafford is progressing each week. Kevin Smith is coming off of two good games and if he can go today he will be a huge factor for the Lions. The Bears will still get the W though but will not cover the ten points.

Bears 23- Lions 20

Baltimore (+1.5) @New England- The matchup of the weekend goes to the Patriots. The Pats looked sloppy last week but were still able to beat a good Falcons team. Look for the Pats offense to truly get on the same page this week. New England wins a close one.

Patriots 28- Ravens 27

Oakland (+8.5) @Houston- Jamarcus Russell currently owns a 39.8 quarterback rating. In the words of my good friend Zeke Sprague, "Jamarcus is like the guys in the longest drive competitions, they can smack the golf ball and it looks great, but they can't put it together on a real course. Just like Jamarcus, who can throw the ball with perfect spin 60 yards on his knees, but can't seem to make anything happen in game time."

Texans 31- Raiders 17

Seattle (+10) @Indianapolis- Indy struggled with putting teams away in the first two weeks, barely squeaking out wins over the Jags and Dolphins. Last week though, they left no doubt as they punished the Cardinals 31-10. Pierre Garcon continues to impress filling in for Anthony Gonzalez. The Seahawks have not looked bad but it is hard for me to pick the Seneca Wallace lead Hawks to cover.

Colts 31- Seahawks 20

New York Jets (+7.5) @New Orleans- There is no questioning how good the Saints offense is, but 7.5 points is far too many to give to the stingy Jets. Rex Ryan has the Jets D playing in your face football on every single play. Mark Sanchez is doing just enough to get the job done. Give me the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS in the straight up win.

Jets 28- Saints 27

Buffalo (PK) @Miami-In an old fashion pick 'em, the Bills and the Dolphins battle at Landshark Stadium. Chad Pennington was lost for the season last week (clearly a plan to win yet another comeback player of the year award next year) so the dolphins will turn to another Chad, Chad Henne. In limited time last week Henne did not look good. T.O. will have a big day after being held catch less.

Bills 20- Dolphins 17

Dallas (-3) @Denver- This week may be the beginning of the Broncos downfall. They have beaten two bad teams and one o.k. team on a lucky tip. Dallas has received a lot of criticism early but it is somewhat unfair. The Cowboys are 2-1 and in their one loss they were very close to knocking off a good team. The Boys coast in this one.

Dallas 35- Denver 17

St Louis (+9.5) @San Francisco- The 49ers were beaten on a Brett Favre miracle pass to Greg Lewis last week. Unfortunately for the lowly Rams, the 49ers will take out all of their fury on them. San Fran takes down the former perennial NFC West champs in commanding fashion.

49ers 28- Rams 10

San Diego (+6.5) @Pittsburgh- Football Night in America features two teams that always seem to shine in the spotlight. The Steelers are a surprising 1-2, with losses against the Bears and Bengals. The Steelers are able to avoid falling to a crippling 1-3, but the Chargers put up a good enough fight to cover on Sunday Night.

Pittsburgh 21- San Diego 17