Sunday, October 4, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Four Picks

Overall Record: 32-16
Last Week Record: 11-5

After a shaky week 2 I rebounded strongly in week 3. Now all I can do is hope that the Texans rebound against the lowly lowly lowly Raiders. Jamarcus, you have completed less then 50% of your passes, what are you doing in the NFL as a starting QB? Feel free to read the blog and comment any time Jamarcus, I will be waiting. 

Detroit-Chicago: Chicago- The Bears are looking very strong after a week 1 loss to the Pack that came at the very end of the game. Even with the Lions coming off of a win, it could be there last for a while. 

Cincinnati-Cleveland: Cincinnati- I just can not see the Browns winning a game any time soon, and with OGOchoCinco sportin' the pink for breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October he is going to show up big this weekend. 

Oakland-Houston: Houston- If the Texans lose this game D-Coordinator, Frank Bush, and Head Coach, Gary Kubiak, will have very toasty butts after the game. Luckily for them I think the team is too powerful for the Raiders to beat. 

Seattle-Indianapolis: Indianapolis- With Seneca "Harrison" Wallace starting for the Hawks I do not think that they are going to win, especially against a very strong Indy team. Pierre Garcon, get in that endzone today for my fantasy squad. 

Tennessee-Jacksonville: Tennessee- The Titans are not going to start the season off 0-4. They have had a tough schedule to start the season so this team is not as bad as there record shows. Keith Bullock has told all fantasy owners to BENCH MJD! I agree. 

New York Giants-Kansas City: New York- The G-Men have looked like one of the better teams in the NFL so far, Kansas City at 0-3 are not pulling off any upset today. 

Baltimore-New England: New England- People are beginning to think the Patriots have lost there swagger, but the Brady Bunch today will pull of the home W against the Flacco led Ravens. 

Tampa Bay-Washington: Washington- As bad as I wanted to pick the Bucs in this game, I could not do it. Josh Johnson gets the start over Byron, but I would not be surprised if the game ends with a different Josh playing QB for the Bucs. 

Buffalo-Miami: Miami- Yes I do think that Chad Henne can lead this Dolphin team to victory over the Bills. I also expect to see a heavy heavy dose of the Wildcat. Run Ronnie Run. 

New York Jets-New Orleans: New York- As I said before, until the Jets do in fact lose I can not see them losing. Their D has just been way too dominate and Sanchez has looked like a very very solid QB. But Leon cant do everything... (Budwiser Commercial Reference) 

Dallas-Denver: Dallas- I have no faith in the Broncos even though they are 3-0, they have beaten the Bengals, Raiders, and Browns. So could anyone really believe this team is any good? Plus Marion Barber is coming back for the game today. 

St. Louis-San Francisco: San Francisco- I like this 49er team a lot, if it were not for Brett last week then they would be looking at an incredibly good 3-0 start. Even without Frank they still have Coffee.  

San Diego-Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh- Big Ben is a great leader and commander of this football team, this game which is close to a must win, will prove this to everyone. This should be a great game for Sunday night. 

Green Bay-Minnesota: Green Bay- If it is not known by now...I Hate Brett Favre, any man that plays 16 years in one place and then goes to the arch enemy to end his career gets absolutely no respect or love from me. Aaron Rodgers will show the world (Yes the world, who will not be watching this game?) how good he really is, and I want nothing more then for A-Rod to tear up the Vikings D.


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