Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NBA Eastern Conference Predictions

These will be your 2010 Eastern Conference Playoff Teams

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- The Cavs became the clear cut favorites in the East once they added Shaq in July. O'neal may not have that much left in the tank, but he definitely still has enough left to force defenses to respect the Cavs inside out game. Lebron is the reigning MVP and will once again have a fantastic regular season. The question is, will he be able to keep it up in the postseason?

2. Orlando Magic- The Eastern Conference champions return stronger with the addition of Vince Carter. Many were skeptical of the move seeing that Air Canada has never really been a part of a winner. The difference is that with the Magic Vince won't be asked to be more than a good role player. With Jameer Nelson distributing the rock and Dwight Howard down low, this team is poised to make another run.

3. Boston Celtics- When it is all said and done at the end of the year, do not be surprised to see the Celtics hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy at the Garden for the second time in two years. The reason I have them below the Magic is because I believe with a veteran team, you may see the Celtics do what the Spurs have done in recent years, that is coast through the regular season and really turn it up for the playoffs.

4. Philadelphia 76ers-The Sixers are the surprise team of the Eastern Conference. Although it may seem like Elton Brand has been around too long to still compete at a very high level, his only 30 and is certainly capable of having the MVP candidate season he had a few years ago in L.A. The X factor on this team though, is Lou Williams. Williams is entering his 5th year in the league but is still only 23 years old. He has improved ever year and we will distribute the ball well to playmakers like Brand and Iguodala.

5. Washington Wizards- The Bullets may be the hardest to predict team in the National Basketball Association this year. On paper they look like they could contend for a championship...that is if Agent Zero and the rest of the squad stays healthy, and that is an enormous if. Antawn Jamison is already hurt and Brendan Haywood's health is always a concern. I have them at five but I would not be shocked to see them as high as 1 or 2 or out of the playoffs.

6. Toronto Raptors-Chris Bosh may be the most under rated player in the league. Last year he quietly averaged over 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. The addition of Hedu Turkoglu gives the Raptors another scorer. Former number one pick Andrea Bargnani has become a big part of Toronto's future as he averaged a nice 15 points a game last season.

7. Atlanta Hawks- The Hawks have a nice core of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, the problem is they still don't have quite enough firepower to be a great team. Jamal Crawford will be a nice addition but how much fun will he have playing in front of half full Phillips Arena. Oh, and never forget about ZAZA.

8. Miami Heat- Other than Dwayne Wade this Heat team leaves a lot to be desired. Every year in his career it seems like Jermaine O'neal is about to have a great year...until he gets hurt. Michael Beasley could still turn out to be a great player, but his off season personal problems may be an indication that he's not mentally ready to play on an extremely high level right now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Night First Half Reflections

Just some quick notes...NBA preview coming tomorrow.

*The Redskins are proving to the entire country that they are simply a bad team.

*All week an enormous deal was made about the play calling duties being switched from Jim Zorn to bingo volunteer Sherm Lewis, but when it really comes down to it, the discrepancy in play calling is not enough to make a big difference if the scheme is still the same.

*Although the Skins D did a good job of keeping the Eagles to FGs when the Eagles had great field position, giving up those two huge touchdown plays to Jackson is absolutely inexcusable.
*LeSean Mccoy better be ready to step up for Westbrook, who knows how long the head injury will keep him out.

*I want to know exactly what Jim Zorn is saying into that headset, if it is true that he has no influence on play calling at all.

*Maybe the biggest thing that we have learned in the first half is that the Eagles is for real. Last week they suffered an embarrassing loss to the woeful Jamarcus Russell lead Raiders. This week however, even though the argument can be made that the Redskins are not good, the Eagles are playing like a complete team. McNabb is on point and getting all kinds of time from a Philly 0-line that is manhandling the Skins D line on pass protection.

*Part of me is hoping for a Redskins comeback so I can see a good game, but the more realistic side of me is already looking ahead to a fun filled UFL Thursday! Oh yes.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fantasy Week Seven Studs and Duds

Overall Record: 18-18
Last Week: 3-3

Week 6 Studs:
Brian Westbrook- 6/50 rushing 9/91 receiving- Hit 
Jay Cutler- 27/43 300 yards 2 TD 2 Int- Hit
Ryan Grant- 24/90 rushing 3/17 receiving- Miss

Week 6 Duds:
Matt Cassel- 16/31 186 yards- Hit 
Donald Driver- 7/107- Miss
Cadillac Williams- 16/77 1 TD- Miss

Week 7 Studs:

Matt Ryan QB-ATL: Ryan is on the verge of becoming a great quarterback and he is having a very good season so far. This week he goes up against the Cowboys pass D that is 26th against the pass in the league. Ryan is going to have a 2-3 touchdown game with around 280 yards. He is a great start this week in fantasy. 

Joseph Addai RB-IND: It is usually very questionable to start a running back in the Colts offense but this week it is not. Colts face the Rams, so you know the Colts are going to score, a lot. The Colts will have put this game out of reach pretty early, so look for Addai to see a good amount of carries in this, and against a poor run D he should have a good week. 

Wes Welker WR-NE: WW is coming off a HUGE game last week against the lowly Titans, and this week he is going to follow that performance up well. The Bucs give up a lot of passing TD's and Wes is clearly Brady's go to guy right now. So Wes is going to have at least 1 TD in this one, probably 2. 

Week 7 Duds:

Jake Delhomme QB-CAR: Jake has struggled a lot this year, and this game is going to be much of the same. Too many interceptions have really cost Delhomme and the Panthers this year. The Bills have been great against the Pass also, they did hold Cleveland to 2 completions one game. So if you have to start Delhomme this week, I am sorry. 

Reggie Bush RB-NO: Reggie Bush is becoming hard to start. As exciting as he can be to watch he is just not producing right now in the NFL. Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas would both be better starts the Reginald. Bush has been a bust so far, and it might be time for fantasy owners to give up on him. I have him in one league and am just about done with him.

Terrell Owens WR-BUF: T.O. is having one of the most disappointing seasons ever so far this year. The poor play of the Bills has not helped him much, but he has done nothing to help his own cause. This guy can not even muster up a decent game anymore. And with the
 news that Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting again this week it makes T.O. a sure dud. Do not start him this week, or any week untill we see something from him.