Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fantasy Week Four Studs and Duds

Last night as I watched the Miami-Oklahoma game only one thing came to my mind, Miami is BACK. After a shaky start Jacory Harris looked like an All-American quarterback, Javaris James whose career has had its ups and downs had a game that he will certainly never forget, rushing for 15o yards against the Oklahoma D that was suppose to carry the team with Bradford out. Then you have the stellar sophomores at widereciever, Aldarius Johnson (not Andre Johnson, yet), Travis Benjamin and LaRon Byrd. Those three wideouts are looking to follow in some great footsteps, and they look well on their way to do just that. After a loss to a very good underrated Virginia Tech team last weekend they had to come out and prove something to the world, and they did just that. It is great for College Football to have Miami back in the mix for BCS Bowl games. And now the moment you have all been waiting for... My Studs and Duds for Week 4!

Overall Record: 9-9

Week 3 Record: 3-3

Week 3 Studs:

Ben Rothlisbergr 22/31 276 yards 1 td 1 int 3 rush yards 1 td- Hit

Matt Schaub 26/35 300 yards 3 td 1 int- Hit

Darren McFadden 12/45 3 fumble 1 lost- Miss

Week 3 Duds:

Thomas Jones 14/20- Hit

Kurt Warner 30/52 332 1 td 2 int 1 fumble- Miss (Barely)

Brandon Marshall 5/67 1 td- Miss

Week 4 Studs:

Kevin Walter WR-HOU: Walter is going up against the Raiders, who other than Nnamdi pretty much have noone. So the Raiders will be left with the decision of either shut down Andre or shut down K-Walt, my guess they try and shut down Andre which will make Kevin the main go to WR for Stumb the Schaub.

Matt Forte RB-CHI: Forte has had a very disappointing season for fantasy owners so far this year, he was top 5 in almost every draft. Today is where the owners who took him are finally left happy with their choice. The Lions run D is nothing special, Clinton Portis just sucks.

Aaron Rodgers QB-GB: I do not think that anyone could possibly be more motivated for a game then A-Rod will be Monday night. This guy has handled every situation that Old Man Brett has put him through with such class, that it is impossible to not rout for this kid in the game Monday. I know his teammates want nothing more then to get a W for Aaron.

Week 4 Duds:

Maurice Jones-Drew RB-JAC: Dear Keith Bullock, DO NOT LET ME DOWN!

Brett Favre QB-MIN: The Packers Defense will be doing all the can to shut down Brett, and try to make him retire before the games end (Very Possible). I think that if the Vikings want to win this game they are going to have to do it through All Day Adrian PETERSONNN.

John Carlson TE-SEA: Congrats to John Carlson for being the first TE ever on Studs and Duds, unfortunately for him it is as a Dud. Carlson has been raking up stats all year long, but this weekend he faces a very tough Indy Pass Defense. With Seneca still most likely at the helm for the Hawks I cant "sea" Carlson doing too much this game.


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