Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing More You Could Ask For

The Caps opened their season with a bang tonight. Washington took down last years Eastern Conference points leaders Boston, 4-1. The Great 8 did not disappoint as he found twine twice and had an assist. Brooks Laich had the other two tallies against Tim Thomas. Backstrom, starting his third year had three assists, picking up right where he left off.

A lot of expectations surround the Capitals this year, and their performance tonight only raised them. Tonight's game may be the most complete game I have ever seen the Caps play against a quality opponent, let alone on the road. A key reason why, is that the Caps were able to control the tempo of the game throughout. At no point did it seem like the Bruins were in control of the speed of the game. The Caps out shot Boston 34-20. Although the defense deserves a lot of the credit for the low shot tally, the Caps ability to possess the puck and keep it out of the sticks of Boston's scorers. Washington's D has a lot of room to improve when it comes to keeping the opponents puck out of the net (it should be said that they have a fantastic scoring D) but if the Caps can maintain control of the puck like they did tonight, their D doesn't need to be amazing for the Caps to make a great run at the Cup. Oh yea, it doesn't hurt when your goaltender is stopping 19/20 shots either. Well done Jose….Well done.

So overall a marvelous start to the 2009-2010 season for the Caps. Clearly going forward goaltending and defense will still be questions. That being said though I will sleep well tonight and my hopes will be high for a memorable run...In the words of Paul Aufiero, "Its gunna be a great year."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Five Questions for Javale Mcgee

Washington Wizards second year center Javale Mcgee was nice enough to let me ask him a few questions via email for the blog.

JG: What are your expectations for the team this year with some new faces and a healthy Gilbert Arenas?

JM: I feel like we're going to have a real productive and winning season this year.

JG: What are your personal expectations for the season?

JM: My personal expectations are to be succesfull in every way and improve from last year.

JG: What was the hardest thing about transitioning from college to the NBA?

JM: Bieng more professional.

JG: Who was your favorite player growing up?

JM: Didn't have one.

JG: What is your favorite part of playing in D.C.?

JM: My own house I'm not really the sight seeing type.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Three Picks

Week 2 Record: 9-7
Overall Record: 21-11

Last week my early games were fantastic, including the JETS BEATING THE PATRIOTS, but then the afternoon games struggled mightily. This week can be a very crucial week for teams and there are some great match-ups out there. And luckily for you, I'm going to tell you the winners. 

Cleveland-Baltimore: Baltimore- Ravens have looked like one of the better teams in the NFL so far, and Cleveland has not. Joe Flacco has also been slowly proving me wrong, maybe he is a good QB. Ravens win this one easy. 

Washington-Detroit: Washington- The Lions will come close to getting their first W in a very long time, but it will not be today. Washington has too powerful of a Defense to let the Lions win this game. Should be a close one though.

Jacksonville-Houston: Houston- Even though the Texans always seem to lose the game after a big win, this time they are for real, and they can prove it with a win today against the Jags. Schaub is the number 1 ranked passer in the NFL when he is under normal pressure. So unless the Jags can get to him he should have a great game.

Atlanta-New England: Atlanta- Michael the Burner Turner is going to carry this Atlanta team today against a injured Patriots team. The Pats could be without both Randy MOSSSS and Wes Welker, and even if both those guys play they are not 100%. This Atlanta team could be one to watch as the year moves on. 

Green Bay-St. Louis: Green Bay- The Pack are not going to lose two in a row. Rodgers is going to have a healthier Greg Jennings back this weekend which should help a lot. The Defense will also shut down the lowly St. Louis offense en route to an easy win. 

New York Giants- Tampa Bay: New York- Giants look very good and the Bucs look very bad. Easy decision here. 

Tennessee-New York Jets: New York- The Jets look unbeatable right now. Darell Revis is showing that he is one of the absolute best corners in the league and Rex Ryan looks like a genius so far. Old man Kerry will be hit all day long.

Kansas City-Philadelphia: Philadelphia- Chiefs and Matt Cassell look weak so far and even in a loss last week Corn on The Kolb looked very solid. Now that his Houston Cougars are in the top 25 his morale must be through the roof. Plus Vick coming back could not hurt, maybe. 

San Francisco-Minnesota: Minnesota- Old man Favre continues to do enough this week to keep the Vikes rolling. 

New Orleans-Buffalo: New Orleans- Even without a defense the Saints have looked very good. Drew Bress is unstoppable right now so I can not see this team losing, even to a very decent Buffalo team. 

Chicago-Seattle: Chicago- Jay Cutler cried his was to victory last week against the Steelers and he is going to do it again this week against the Hawks. Matt Forte should finally start to get on his game again today.

Pittsburgh-Cincinnati: Pittsburgh- Big Ben is going to lead this Steeler team coming off of a tough loss to the Bears. Cedric Benson will also be slowed down for the first time in this game. Unless Ochocinco has something up his sleeve Pitt should roll. 

Denver-Oakland: Oakland- Can you imagine if the Denver Broncos after all of their issues this summer started off the year 3-0? I cant.

Miami-San Diego: San Diego- This is one of the tougher match-ups of the week to pick, Im going to go with the Bolts because of home field and Dolphins coming off a short week. Oh and PHILLIP RIVERS.

Indianapolis-Arizona: Indianapolis- The Colts won a game with being on offense just under 15 minutes. Now they are going to no doubt have the ball for longer then that. Plus they have the number one pass D right now so they can slow down Kurty and the boys.

Carolina-Dallas: Dallas- The Cowboys need to get a win in the colossal stadium after a last second loss to the G-Men. Its hard to say the Panthers are going to be 0-3 but I just did it. 

There you have it folks, this is how Week 3 is going to pan out. Now I am off to the mall to get the exact same food, while wearing the exact same clothes as last sunday so the Texans can get their win. 


Fantasy Week Three Studs and Duds

Another not so hot showing, but thanks to criticism from John Grandy (who cuts his pizza slices in half) has given me the will power to go 6 for 6 this weekend. 

Week 2 Studs

Greg Jennings- 0 catches- Miss

Brett Favre- 23/27 155 yards 2 TD- Hit

DeAngelo Williams- 16 att 79 yards 1 TD 3 rec 32 yards- Hit

Week 2 Duds

Cedric Benson- 29 att 141 yards-Miss

Dwayne Bowe- 5 rec 56 yards 1TD- Miss

Julius Jones- 8 att 11 yards 3 rec -2 yars 1TD- Hit

Week 2 Record 3-3 
Overall Record 6-6

I am finally ready to crack the mediocre line with my picks this week

Week 3: Studs

Matt Schaub QB-HOU: Schaub tore up the Tennessee defense last weekend and there is one key reason why, no pressure. If you can not put pressure on Matty you are in for a very very long week. Unfortunately for the Jags they do not have the guys who can apply the pressure needed to slow down Mighty Matt. Can you imagine how could Schaub could do if they had any run game at all?

Ben Rothlisbergr QB-PIT: Big Ben is coming of a fresh painful loss to the Bears an cry baby Jay Cutler, and Ben does not want to have two losses in a row, especially going against the Bengals. With the Steeler run game not clicking at all right now Big Ben is going to have to carry this team on his wide shoulders. He should have no problem doing just that. 

Darren McFadden RB-OAK: Run DMC is going to need to run the ball a lot if the Raiders want to beat the Broncos, Jamarcus just does not show the leadership and ability to carry a team with his arm right now. Although the Denver D has done solid so far I just dont see it keeping up throughout the season, this is the game where it starts to crumble. 

Week 3: Duds

Thomas Jones RB-NYJ: TJ is going against the second best run defense in the league today, Tennessee, and he has been pretty hit or miss his first two games. This guy was not labeled the number one fantasy bust candidate for no reason. This should be a low scoring game so dont expect big numbers from anyone in this game at all. 

Kurt Warner QB-AZ: Warner has looked shaky so far this season and right now the Colts have the best passing defense in the league. So these two factors do not add up to a good game from Warner. Even with his stellar receivers  I dont see them doing enough to carry Warner this week. Eventually his age is going to have to catch up to him. 

Brandon Marshall WR-DEN: Kyle Orton has looked god awful so far, the team can not pass the ball and yet they are still 2-0. I just cant see Orton throwing the ball well enough for any of the Denver receivers to do anything and the fact that Marshall will have to go against Nnamdi is not helping his chances at all. Knowshon is going to need to put up some numbers in this game if Denver wants to win, because Brandon will not be. 

There they are, my week three studs and duds picks. They are dedicated to the one and only John Grandy this week. So i hope he enjoys them. 


JG's Week 3 Picks

After a good 9-6 week against the spread, I have to keep it going in week 3.

Jacksonville (+3.5) Houston- Matt "stump the" Shaub finally looked like the quarterback the Texans had hoped he would be when they got him from Atlanta. The Jaguars remain winless, meaning Jack del Rio's seat is getting mighty warm.

Texans 31- Jaguars 24

Tennessee (+2.5) @ New York Jets- The Titans are in danger of falling to a season crippling 0-3. Mark Sanchez will make his first true rookie mistakes today. Jeff Fisher and the vetrans on the Titans will get the Titans their first win.

Titans 20- Jets 17

Kansas City (+7.5) @Philadelphia- Desean Jackson and Kevin Kolb star in, "The Return of Mike Vick" unforunetaly it appears that Donavan McNabb will not star in the film. Kansas City's d will keep this game close but Philly wins.

Eagles 17- Chiefs 14

Cleveland (+13.5) @Baltimore-I am always when a division rivalry gives this many points, but quite frankly the Ravens have looked like one of the best teams in the league, while the Browns have looked worse than the Lions.

Ravens 35- Browns-14

New York Giants (-6.5) @Tampa Bay-Eli's boys just finished up spoiling Jerry's big day and they will have no problem spoiling Raheem Morris' third bid for his first head coaching win.

Giants 21- Bucs 14

Washington (-6.5) @Detroit- The Redskisn may be 1-1, but some would argue they have looked worse than the Lions. Kevin Smith has a huge day as the DETROIT LIONS snap the streak and get their first victory since Jon Kitna was leading the charge.

Lions 24- Redskins 23

Green Bay (-6.5) @St. Louis-The Rams defense looked decent last night, but an abysmal Redskins offsense can make anyone's D look good. The Packers have no problem with St. Louis. Its a blowout.

Packers 35- Rams 17

San Francisco (+7) @Minnesota-7 points seems like a lot for the Vikes to cover over a stout 49ers D, but in Brett's 'Dome debut the Norseman take this one with ease.

Vikings 24- 49ers 14

Atlanta (+4.5) @ New England-The Patriots are looking more and more human every week. The Falcons are looking more and more like a great team every week. Atlatna gets the W in Foxburough.

Falcons 27- New England 24

Chicago (-2.5) @Seattle- Now its time to play, WHICH JAY CUTLER WILL PLAY! if you said Pittsburgh Jay, you are correct. The Bears will continue to ride the wave beating the steelers and take care of the Seahawks.

Bears 23- Seahawks 20

New Orleans (-6) @Buffalo- Although the Saints D may be a little suspect. Their offense is good enough to run of the score on anyone. Dick Jauron's boys will be in for a long day.

Saints 42- Bills 28

Miami (+5.5) @San Diego- Miami needs to find some of the fire they had in 08 to avoid starting the season with three straight losses. Ronnie Brown has a fantastic day to keep the Dolphins close. They will cover but the Super Chargers get the W.

Chargers 28- Dolphins 24

Pittsburgh (-3.5) @Cincinatti- The Steelers haven't lost back to back games since 2007. The Bungles actually looked like a decent team last week when they took down the Packers. Pittsburgh is a differet monster all together. The men of steel punish division rival Cincy

Steelers 31- Bengals 10

Denver (-2) @Oakland- It's hard to believe that one of these teams will either be 3-0 or 2-1. Jamarcus has his long awaited first true great game today. Russel throws for 3oo and the RAAAAAAAIDDDDDDDDAAAHS get another big win and jump to 2-1.

Raiders 27- Broncos 24

Ininapolis (+3) @Arizona- The Colts have not looked great thus far, yet they always seem to find a way to get it done. Expect the same Sunday night as Peyton Manning will deal the Cards a loss

Colts 21- Cardinals 17