Friday, October 9, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Five Picks

Cincinnati-Baltimore: Cincinnati- The Bengals have looked very solid so far this year, and I think Ochocinco is going to put on a show in this big division game. 

Cleveland-Buffalo: Buffalo- Cleveland does not Rock.

Washington-Carolina: Carolina- The Panthers have not looked to good to start off the season with a 0-3 record, but the Skins have looked even worse with a 2-2 record

Pittsburgh-Detroit: Pittsburgh- After giving Da Bears a little scare the Lions crumbled and so did their QB. Culpeper may have to start this game, either way though Pitt wins easy. 

Dallas-Kansas City: Dallas- The Chiefs are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Dallas needs to rebound in this one or else Cowboy nation will be incredibly unhappy. Tony Romo is going to need to find his game early on in this one. 

Oakland-New York Giants: New York- After watching Jamarcus Russell against the Texans pass D last weekend I learned just how bad he was. And with no Run DMC it is going to be a LOOOOONG game for the RAIIIIIIDAS. 

Tampa Bay-Philadelphia: Philadelphia- Donavan McNabb and Westbrook are back and ready to tear it up. Plus they have Brent Celek...

Minnesota-St. Louis: Minnesota- Could the Rams be any worse?

Atlanta-San Francisco: San Francisco- San Francisco has been a very impressive team so far this year and I look for them to keep it up in this tight game with the Falcons. 

Houston-Arizona: Houston- Who knows if the Texans can show any consistency ever. But I do know this shoot out will be a fun one to watch. 

New England-Denver: New England- Seriously how is Denver 4-0? Finally there streak comes to an end against Brady's Bunch. If Denver win this one then I am a believer. 

Jacksonville-Seattle: Jacksonville- Seattle has not been too impressive this year, and after a slow start the Jags have started to get on a roll, Garrard is starting to look like the Garrard from two years ago. 

Indianapolis-Tennessee: Indianapolis- Colts could very well be the best team in the NFL right now. Its hard to say the Titans are going to be 0-5 but I just cant see them beating Indy.

New York Jets-Miami: New York- This well be a fun one to watch. Sexy Rexy's Tenacious D vs the Wildcat. Plus to young QB's. The Jets D might be too much for young Chad Henne to take on.


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