Friday, October 23, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Seven Picks

Overall Record: 59-31
Last Week: 9-5

Green Bay-Cleveland: Green Bay- Is it possible for the Packers D to have two shutouts in a row?

San Francisco-Houston: Houston- Which Texan team shows up today, the 0-3 Texans or the 3-0 Texans?

San Diego-Kansas City: San Diego- Is this game actually a lot closer matchup then people think?

Indianapolis-St. Louis: Indianapolis- Can Peyton Manning and the Colts score 100 points in this game?

New England-Tampa Bay: New England- Can Tom Brady and the Patriots score more than 100 points in this game?

Minnesota-Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh- How long can Brett really go without making costly mistakes?

Buffalo-Carolina: Carolina- Will T.O. ever decided to catch more than 5 passes in a game?

New York Jets-Oakland: New York- The Raiders win last week was a fluke, Right?

Chicago-Cincinnati: Chicago- Is this the game where Cincinnati comes back to earth?
Atlanta-Dallas: Atlanta- How pissed is Jerry Jones going to be when the Boys lose another game in their new giant stadium?

New Orleans-Miami: Miami- Why am I making this pick?

Arizona-New York Giants: New York- Can the G-Men bounce back from that embarrassing lose last weekend to the Saints?
Philadelphia-Washington: Philadelphia- How crazy is it going to be Washington actually wins this game?


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year?

Ah October, the leaves begin to change color, the air changes from humid to crisp, and it is the best sports month of them all.

There are many great times of the year for sports such as early June when the NBA and NHL finals come on every night. Or the end of summer when football is just beginning and golf and tennis are playing their last major. But when it is all said and done, no month is as great for sports fans as October.

The month kicks off with the wrapping of up of the baseball regular seaon, which this year featured a great story of the Twins remarkable comeback. Around the same time the NHL drops the puck for the first time. We are now entering the home stretch of the month, which is no doubt the best time of the month. The NFL season gets to the point where the elite teams assert themselves, and division races begin to get interesting. In college football, the BCS standings first come out and there are multiple great games every weekend. The NHL continues to roll on with teams finding their grooves. The conference championship series in baseball are on every night On top of all this in about a week the NBA regular season will begin which marks the only time all year that all four major sports are going on at the same time. There really is no dull day in the sports world in the month of October so for now, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of the rest of the month.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Six Picks

Overall Record: 50-26
Last Week: 8-6

Houston-Cincinnati: Houston- Houston is coming off of a very poor coached game. Gary Kubiak needs to prove something, and a win against Cincy would be huge for his appeal to the fan base and ownership. This will be a shootout that comes down to the wire. 

Detroit-Green Bay: Green Bay- Green Bay is the far better team here and I look for their offense to over power the Lions in every way. Also this game is in Green Bay, so there is no way they are losing to the Lions. 

St. Louis-Jacksonville: Jacksonville- After being 100% embarrassed last weekend by the Hawks I still think the Jags are going to win. That is how bad the Rams are. The Rams have a serious chance of going 0-16. 

Baltimore-Minnesota: Minnesota- This game being in Minnesota is a huge reason why I'm going with the Vikes in this one. Also though Flacco could have a very rough game going against the tremendous rush of the Vikings and combine that with the crowd noise and that equals disaster for Flacco and the Ravens. 

New York Giants-New Orleans: New York- Eli wants to shine against the team that his dad shined on. The Giants can apply the sort of pressure needed to hinder Drew Brees's game. This one will be a great game though.

Cleveland-Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh- The Browns completed 2 passes last week, and won. That is insane. To bad for the Browns the Steelers are a little better then the Bills...

Carolina-Tampa Bay: Carolina- Tampa Bay along with St. Louis is a real legitimate 0-16 threat. I am just waiting for Josh Freeman to get in there. Carolina is looking to bounce back from their 0-3 start, lucky for them they got to play the Skins and now the Bucs.

Kansas City-Washington: Washington- If this game were in Kansas City I would be picking the Chiefs, but in Washington the fans will not let this team lose. The players and coaches must step up for this game, because if they lose this one at home then heads will be falling in Washington.

Philadelphia-Oakland: Philadelphia- Raiders are just terrible, Jamarcus Russell will not win another game as a quarterback in the NFL.

Arizona-Seattle: Seattle- Seattle just embarrassed a Jaguar team that was on a little bit of a roll, with Hasselback back at QB this team is a good team. Arizona has looked very average so far this season, so the 12th man will carry the Hawks to cruise to victory in this one. 

Tennessee-New England- The Patriots are not losing to a team that has not one a game yet. 

Buffalo-New York Jets: New York- The Bills held the Browns passing attack to a total of 2 completions and 24 yards, that is amazing. What is more amazing is that they lost. 

Chicago-Atlanta: Chicago- This should be a fun one to watch on Sunday Night, two very good quarterbacks and running backs going head to head against one another. I think the Bears D will be able to do enough to win this game, along with a solid performance from Cutler. 

Denver-San Diego: San Diego- I am now more of a believer in the Broncos, but still I could not pick them to win this one. In San Diego I think the Bolts are going to come out strong since they know how big this game is for there division standings later in the year. 


Fantasy Week Six Studs and Duds

Overall Record: 15-15
Last Week: 2-4

Week 5 Studs:
Brandon Jacobs- 21/67- Miss

Jake Delhomme- 16/25 181 yards 1 TD 1 INT- Miss

Chad Ochocinco- 7/94 1 Fumble- Miss

Week 5 Duds
Joe Flacco- 22/31 186 Yards 1 TD 2 INT- Hit

Steven Jackson- 21/84 1 Fumble- Hit

Matt Ryan- 22/32 329 Yard 2 TD 1 INT- Miss

Week 6 Studs:

Brian Westbrook RB-PHI: Westbrook is going against Oakland and he has had a avery poor start to the season so far. But with him and McNabb back at full strength I see a big day for both of these guys. Oakland has the second worst run D in the league giving up 161 per game, so that should result well for Westbrook. 

Ryan Grant RB-GB: Although the Lions are not that bad anymore their defense is still pretty damn bad. Grant has struggled his last couple of games but he is due to breakthrough and this is the game to do it. Grant being a receiving threat as well will help his cause in a pass heavy offense. 

Jay Cutler QB-CHI: Cutler after a shaky opening game in the CHI has really turned his game around. Going against Atlanta should help him also, they have only the 22nd ranked pass D in the NFL. Cutler also has some solid receiving options emerging that will help his cause. 

Week 6 Duds:

Matt Cassel QB-KC: As bad as the Skins are they have a great pass D only allowing around 177 yards per game. Cassel is coming of his best game of the season against the Boys but this game will not be as easy for him. He will be constantly pressured and other than Dwayne Bowe does not have much to help his cause.
Donald Driver WR-GB: Greg Jennings has officially filed a complaint, he wants the ball more, and I see him getting the ball more. This means Drivers numbers may go down a bit. The
 Pack also will be trying to run the ball more so against the Lions then they normally do. 

Cadillac Williams RB-TB: Even with Cadillac going against the Panthers run D which is 30th in the NFL he is not going to post the numbers fantasy owners want from him. This Panthers Run D is not all that bad at all, they have a great group of Linebackers and Jon Beason has been a great leader early on in his career and he is going to rally this group, and they will smolder the Bucs offense. 


JG's Week 6 Picks

Kansas City (+6) @Washington- The Redskins will become the first team in NFL history to begin the season against six winless teams. Sadly for the Skins they are only 2-3. In those two wins they won by only a combined 5 points. Washington will be able to pull this one off at home, only because the Chiefs are playing horrible football, yet it won't be by six points.

Redskins 12- Chiefs 7

Houston (+5.5) @Cincinnati- The Bengals come off another impressive win as they beat a tough Ravens squad. They have proved that they are a going to be serious players late in the season. That being said, all of their wins have been decided in the last minute. The Bengals win the game but Andre and the boys keep it within reach.

Bengals 27- Texans 24

Cleveland (+14) @Pittsburgh- The Bills Browns game last week honestly looked more like a Pop Warner game than a National Football League game. The Brownies were able to win despite completing only two passes the whole game. The Steelers are an entirely different animal. The Steelers smash the Browns at Heinz Field.

Steelers 27- Browns 10

Baltimore (+3) @Minnesota- In the matchup of the week, expect the Ravens to send a lot of guys at Favre throughout the game. They will load up the box to stop Peterson and concentrate on putting pressure on Brett. If they can get to #4 early, it could be a long day for the Vikings offense. Unfortunately for the Ravens though, Favre has seen every blitz in the book and will be able to dink and dunk right over top of the blitz.

Vikings 28- Ravens 24

St Louis (+9.5) @Jacksonville- The Rams may be the worst team of all time. Enough said.

Jaguars 31- Rams 20

New York Giants (+3) @New Orleans- This fantastic game features the Giants #2 ranked offense and the Saints #3 ranked O. With the offenses pretty evenly matched thus far, this game will come down to the fact that the Giants D has been lights out and have the #1 ranking in the league.

Giants 24- Saints 21

Carolina (-3) @Tampa Bay- Last year this game late in the year went a long way in determining the NFC South. This year though, it may go a long way in determining the number one draft pick. The two teams combine for only one win. The Panthers win and cover in a very ugly game in Tampa.

Panthers 20- Buccaneers 14

Detroit (+14) @Green Bay- The Packers are clearly the superior team in this matchup. 14 points is far too many though for a Lions team that has played well the last few weeks.

Packers 34- Lions 21

Philadelphia (-14.5) @Oakland- 14 points may be too many for the Lions, but 14.5 is not nearly enough for the Raiders. Jamarcus Russell misses open receivers like Gary Anderson misses conference championship clinching field goals.

Eagles 41- Raiders 13

Arizona (+3) @Seattle- The Seahawks are starting to return to their form of being the NFC West champions. Matt Hasselbeck's squad has always played well in front of the 12th man at Quest Field. Seattle makes it clear that the NFC West will be decided between them and the 49ers.

Seahawks 28- Cardinals 24

Buffalo (+9.5) @New York Jets- The Bills are disgracing the great city of Buffalo right now. Bills fans have purchased a billboard that asks for Coach Dick Jaurons firing. The Jets have been struggling as well the last couple of weeks. They are coming off a short week and the Bills will play just well enough to cover.

Jets 17- Bills 10

Tennessee (+9.5) @New England- Kerry Collins may be on his way out of the starting role in Nashville. I would not be surprised if after this week Coach Fisher hands over the keys to Vince Young. This is only of course if they lose to New England. Right now that seems like a sure thing.

Patriots 27- Titans 17

Chicago (+3.5) @Atlanta- The Georgia Dome will be rockin for its first prime time game in a while. The Falcons looked great last week going across the country to beat down Singletary's team. The Dirty Birds will keep it rolling against the Bears.

Atlanta 24- Chicago 20