Sunday, November 1, 2009

JG's Week 8 Picks

Denver (+3.5) @Baltimore- The Broncos are 6-0 and continue to get no respect. The Ravens are coming off a badly needed bye after dropping three in a row. This game will likely come down to which Ravens team shows up, the 3-0 team from that looked like the best team in the NFL the first 3 weeks, or the 0-3 team in the last 3 weeks. I love the Broncos on the road.

Denver 24- Baltimore 21

Houston (-3.5) @Buffalo- The Texans have looked like an elite team the last few weeks. Matt Shaub is leading the league in passing yards and Andre Johnson is leading in receiving yardage. The Texans continue rolling on.

Texans 31- Buffalo 27

San Francisco (+13) @Indianapolis- Indy may be the best team in the NFL. Looking across the ball at them, San Fran goes back to former number one pick Alex Smith at QB. Smith played awesome last week and their defense looks energized again. Indy wins but the 49ers are able to cover.

Colts 28- 49ers 17

Miami (+3.5) @New York Jets- It's clear that the Jets go the way of Mark Sanchez. That was evident in their loss to the Bills. The Dolphins lost a heartbreaker to the Saints after being up 24-3. Despite the loss, I love how Miami is playing and I see them going to Giants Stadium and taking down the Jets.

Dolphins 24- Jets 21

St Louis (+4) @Detroit- In what may be the least watched football game in a long time. The Winless Rams. The Rams have actually been able to move the ball between the 20s the last couple weeks yet turnovers in the redzone have killed them. The Rams get their first win of the year.

St Louis 28- Detroit 17

Cleveland (+13.5) @Chicago- As horrible as Chicago looked last week getting blown out by the Bengals, the Browns were just as bad getting shellacked by the Packers. I would love to pick against the Bears, but unfortunately the Browns offense is simply hard to watch.

Bears 27- Browns 13

Seattle (+9.5) @Dallas- Seattle is not a bad team with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm. That being said Dallas has looked great beating Atlanta last week. The Boys get another big win in their new home.

Cowboys- 27- Seattle 17

Oakland (+16.5) @San Diego- Enormous spreads always worry me in division games. As bad as the Raiders has looked at times this year, they have been able to keep a few games close, including the opening Monday night game against these Chargers. Oakland keeps it just close enough to cover.

Chargers 30- Raiders 14

Jacksonville (+3) @Tennessee- Vince Young stated this off-season that he would be the next black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. A good start would be to get the Titans their first win of the year. Right now the Jaguars simply have more to play for and will win the game.

Jaguars 20- Titans 17

Carolina (+10) @Arizona- The Panthers only two wins this year come against a winless team, and team that has only beaten winless teams. They will not go cross country and deal the Cards a loss.

Cardinals 34- Panthers 20

New York Giants (-1) @Philadelphia- The Giants have looked lost the last two weeks. The Eagles looked good on Monday night going into Landover and getting a win. What makes me really feel good about the Eagles though is how much they dominated the Gaints in their last two matchups last season, including the playoff matchup.

Eagles 24- Giants 17

Minnesota (+3) @Green Bay- It really does not get better than this; Brett Favre returns to Green Bay to take on his former team. Add in the fact that his current team is 6-1 and his old one is 4-2, and you've got yourself quite a game. The Vikings handled the Pack in the Metrodome but this will be a much bigger challenge. Still though, the Packers offensive line will not be able to contain the law firm that is the Vikings defensive line (Williams, Edwards, and Allen).

Vikings 31- Packers 28

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