Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Wizards have looked like a completely new team from the one we all saw last year. Other than one shaky game against a good Hawks team on the road and a collapse against the Cavs, who only lost 2 games on the road last season, this Wizard team has looked much, much better. The addition of Gilbert Arenas and emergence of Andray Blatche have been the two clear cut biggest factors in this turn around. This by no means is saying that those two reasons are the sole reasons for the turn around. The additions of Mike Miller, who has provided very steady play and leadership, and Randy Foye, who has shown to add a great spark of the bench, have been huge as well. This team is doing all of this without one of its steady stars, Antawn Jamison. This leads me to think, will Antawn be a good addition when he comes back? As great of a player as he is, this team has been playing fantastic and the rotation and chemistry seems to be clicking on all levels. With Jamison back it could lead to less playing time for Blatche, and the way he is playing right now that does not seem like a good thing at all. While Fabricio Oberto's minutes are the most likely to deteriorate when Twan gets back, I have to imagine some of Blatche's will as well. Also JaVale McGee and all of his excitement could be lost from the rotation. Although it is very unlikely, I believe a trade of Jamison might not be the worst thing for this team. 
I have been blown away so far by this entire team. As I watched the Wizards play the Cavs tonight and saw Shaq throw Deshawn to the ground and the Cleveland fans applaud it made me realize, I truly hate the Cavs and Lebron James more than any team/player in the league. Classless act by the Cavs fans to applaud as Deshawn stayed down on the ground for a moment after the hit. As I began writing this the Wiz had a 18 point lead against the Cavs, but they proceeded to blow that lead and end up losing somewhat badly, but even in the loss there were clear signs of competitiveness from this squad. I am looking forward to see how we bounce back tomorrow night against Dwayne Wade and the Heat. So far this team has looked dramatically better than the 19 win Wizards of 08-09.


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  1. let's hear a little bit about the addition of Flip Saunders and Sam Cassell!