Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fantasy Week Three Studs and Duds

Another not so hot showing, but thanks to criticism from John Grandy (who cuts his pizza slices in half) has given me the will power to go 6 for 6 this weekend. 

Week 2 Studs

Greg Jennings- 0 catches- Miss

Brett Favre- 23/27 155 yards 2 TD- Hit

DeAngelo Williams- 16 att 79 yards 1 TD 3 rec 32 yards- Hit

Week 2 Duds

Cedric Benson- 29 att 141 yards-Miss

Dwayne Bowe- 5 rec 56 yards 1TD- Miss

Julius Jones- 8 att 11 yards 3 rec -2 yars 1TD- Hit

Week 2 Record 3-3 
Overall Record 6-6

I am finally ready to crack the mediocre line with my picks this week

Week 3: Studs

Matt Schaub QB-HOU: Schaub tore up the Tennessee defense last weekend and there is one key reason why, no pressure. If you can not put pressure on Matty you are in for a very very long week. Unfortunately for the Jags they do not have the guys who can apply the pressure needed to slow down Mighty Matt. Can you imagine how could Schaub could do if they had any run game at all?

Ben Rothlisbergr QB-PIT: Big Ben is coming of a fresh painful loss to the Bears an cry baby Jay Cutler, and Ben does not want to have two losses in a row, especially going against the Bengals. With the Steeler run game not clicking at all right now Big Ben is going to have to carry this team on his wide shoulders. He should have no problem doing just that. 

Darren McFadden RB-OAK: Run DMC is going to need to run the ball a lot if the Raiders want to beat the Broncos, Jamarcus just does not show the leadership and ability to carry a team with his arm right now. Although the Denver D has done solid so far I just dont see it keeping up throughout the season, this is the game where it starts to crumble. 

Week 3: Duds

Thomas Jones RB-NYJ: TJ is going against the second best run defense in the league today, Tennessee, and he has been pretty hit or miss his first two games. This guy was not labeled the number one fantasy bust candidate for no reason. This should be a low scoring game so dont expect big numbers from anyone in this game at all. 

Kurt Warner QB-AZ: Warner has looked shaky so far this season and right now the Colts have the best passing defense in the league. So these two factors do not add up to a good game from Warner. Even with his stellar receivers  I dont see them doing enough to carry Warner this week. Eventually his age is going to have to catch up to him. 

Brandon Marshall WR-DEN: Kyle Orton has looked god awful so far, the team can not pass the ball and yet they are still 2-0. I just cant see Orton throwing the ball well enough for any of the Denver receivers to do anything and the fact that Marshall will have to go against Nnamdi is not helping his chances at all. Knowshon is going to need to put up some numbers in this game if Denver wants to win, because Brandon will not be. 

There they are, my week three studs and duds picks. They are dedicated to the one and only John Grandy this week. So i hope he enjoys them. 


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