Monday, February 22, 2010

The American Way

The hockey game last night between team USA and team Canada was a classic. I love the Olympics, and I always root for the US athletes to take home gold, but last night was the first time this Olympics I really felt passionate about the result. During the game, I was going crazy everytime the Americans scored. I thought about why I was so into this game and I came up with two main reasons.

First off the obvious reason is that Hockey is a great sport and simply more fun to watch than many Olympic games. Secondly, and more importantly is the fact that we were the underdog. So far this Olympics we have dominated the medal count which has been fantastic to watch. That being said though, a little bit of the luster is lost when we do win gold. This hockey game though gave us a chance to be David taking on Goliath, to beat a border rival in their own game. The game did not dissapoint. The Americans celebrated a 5-3 victory which featured excellent goaltending by Ryan Miller and the US capitalizing on scoring chances.
I guess the only point I am trying to make is that, although it is awesome to win as many medals as we do, it was fun being the underdog for a night.

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