Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Night First Half Reflections

Just some quick notes...NBA preview coming tomorrow.

*The Redskins are proving to the entire country that they are simply a bad team.

*All week an enormous deal was made about the play calling duties being switched from Jim Zorn to bingo volunteer Sherm Lewis, but when it really comes down to it, the discrepancy in play calling is not enough to make a big difference if the scheme is still the same.

*Although the Skins D did a good job of keeping the Eagles to FGs when the Eagles had great field position, giving up those two huge touchdown plays to Jackson is absolutely inexcusable.
*LeSean Mccoy better be ready to step up for Westbrook, who knows how long the head injury will keep him out.

*I want to know exactly what Jim Zorn is saying into that headset, if it is true that he has no influence on play calling at all.

*Maybe the biggest thing that we have learned in the first half is that the Eagles is for real. Last week they suffered an embarrassing loss to the woeful Jamarcus Russell lead Raiders. This week however, even though the argument can be made that the Redskins are not good, the Eagles are playing like a complete team. McNabb is on point and getting all kinds of time from a Philly 0-line that is manhandling the Skins D line on pass protection.

*Part of me is hoping for a Redskins comeback so I can see a good game, but the more realistic side of me is already looking ahead to a fun filled UFL Thursday! Oh yes.


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