Friday, October 23, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Seven Picks

Overall Record: 59-31
Last Week: 9-5

Green Bay-Cleveland: Green Bay- Is it possible for the Packers D to have two shutouts in a row?

San Francisco-Houston: Houston- Which Texan team shows up today, the 0-3 Texans or the 3-0 Texans?

San Diego-Kansas City: San Diego- Is this game actually a lot closer matchup then people think?

Indianapolis-St. Louis: Indianapolis- Can Peyton Manning and the Colts score 100 points in this game?

New England-Tampa Bay: New England- Can Tom Brady and the Patriots score more than 100 points in this game?

Minnesota-Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh- How long can Brett really go without making costly mistakes?

Buffalo-Carolina: Carolina- Will T.O. ever decided to catch more than 5 passes in a game?

New York Jets-Oakland: New York- The Raiders win last week was a fluke, Right?

Chicago-Cincinnati: Chicago- Is this the game where Cincinnati comes back to earth?
Atlanta-Dallas: Atlanta- How pissed is Jerry Jones going to be when the Boys lose another game in their new giant stadium?

New Orleans-Miami: Miami- Why am I making this pick?

Arizona-New York Giants: New York- Can the G-Men bounce back from that embarrassing lose last weekend to the Saints?
Philadelphia-Washington: Philadelphia- How crazy is it going to be Washington actually wins this game?


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