Thursday, November 19, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Eleven Picks

Miami-Carolina: Carolina- No Ronnie Brown means no dominant wild cat. This could be the first game Chad Henne has to really play, and I am not sure he can beat a tough Carolina D.

Indianapolis-Baltimore: Indianapolis- No Suggs could create a problem in rushing Peyton Manning.

Washington-Dallas: Dallas- With Fat Albert out for the Skins and Felix Jones healthy for the Boys, Dallas should win, but maybe not as big as expected.

Cleveland-Detroit: Detroit- After watching Cleveland on monday night I came to the conclusion that unless they do get Lebron James they will not win another game this year.

San Francisco-Green Bay: Green Bay- This should be a good game, after a big win last week against the Cowboys I think that Green Bay will use that momentum to win this one too.

Buffalo-Jacksonville: Buffalo- This pick might be because being a Texans fan I need the Jags to lose, but I think that T.O. is going to show up today and get his team the W.

Pittsburgh-Kansas City: Pittsburgh- Easy choice here, Steelers looking for revenge for last weeks loss. Good luck Chiefs

Seattle-Minnesota: Minnesota- Even though I have an insider at this game who has never seen the Vikings win in the Metrodome in 5 tries, this one will be the first W he sees.

Atlanta-New York Giants: New York- No Noorwood. No Turner.

New Orleans-Tampa Bay: New Orleans- I almost picked the Bucs here, then my senses kicked in.

Arizona-St. Louis: St. Louis- Steven Jackson is going to go off this game, they played the Saints very close last weekend and this is not a bad team.

San Diego-Denver: San Diego- Broncos are crashing and burning while the Chargers are on the rise.

New York Jets-New England: New England- Patriots did not forget their week 2 game against the Jets.

Cincinnati-Oakland: Cincinnati: No Jamarcus, still no win.

Philadelphia-Chicago: Philadelphia- Donavan shows up big in his homecoming.

Tennessee-Houston: Houston- Texans need to win to keep playoff hopes alive.


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