Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week Two Fantasy Studs and Duds

After an average week one in my picks I am ready to bounce back this week. I was a hit on all three of my duds, Jason Campbell, Chris Johnson and David Garrard, but a miss on all of my studs, Reggie Bush (sucks), Eddie Royal (0 points in standard ESPN leagues), Carson Palmer (after seeing the end of that game I will never pick a Bengal for anything again). Here are their stats:

Reggie Bush-7 Att 14 yards 5 Rec 55 yards 2 Fumbles-Miss

Eddie Royal-2 Rec 18 yards 3 punt returns 17 yards 2 kickoff returns 17 yards 1 fumble-Miss

Carson Palmer-21/33 247 yards 2 int-Miss

Chris Johnson-15 Att 57 yards 1 Rec 11 yards-Hit

David Garrard-14/28 122 yards 4 Att 14 yards-Hit

Jason Campbell-19/26 211 yards 1 td 1 int 2 fumbles-Hit

Record 3-3

Week Two: Studs
1. Greg Jennings WR-GB -Jennings is going up against a Cincinnati D that looked solid against the Broncos last week, untill Leon Hall decided to tip a ball into the air to let Stokley catch it and go for the game winning TD. The Rogers-Jennings combo though should do a lot better against this D. With Driver, Nelson, Jones and Lee there also it will certainly free up Jennings. Should be a big game for Jennings and the Packs offense as a whole. 

2. DeAngelo Williams RB-Car -Going against the Falcons is not a great matchup for Williams by any means, but did you see Jake Delhomme last week against Philly? Well I did, and Carolina is going to rely heavily on their running game this week. After a five pick game what team is gonna try and throw all day again? Williams also only had 37 yards last game so he wants to show last year was no fluke and tear the Falcons up.

3. Brett Favre QB-Min -I hate picking on the Lions so much but it is just impossible not to. This could be Brett's biggest game of the year. Drew Brees just torched the Lions D for 6 TD's last week and made it look easy. Look for the Wrangler man to throw some TD's this weekend. You never know when he will decide to retire (hopefully not before this game) so watch him while you can. 

I really hope I get one of those picks right...

Week Two: Duds
1. Dwayne Bowe WR-KC -Dwayne going against a decent looking Oakland and possibly no Matt Cassel again does not bode well for Bowe. He has to go against a man who likes to train in fire, Nnamdi. I dont trust Tyler Thigpen to get Bowe the ball as he will most likely be avoiding Asomugha at all costs. I expect Bowe to miss the target in this one.  

2. Cedric Benson RB-Cin -Benson had a very solid game against Denver last weekend which was great to see from the underachieving Benson, but this week he is going against a real run defense. The Packers did a great job against Matt Forte holding him to a measly 55 yards and more surprising zero catches. So far their new 3-4 D has looked good and I expect Cinncy and Benson to have a hard time against it. 

3. Julius Jones RB-Sea -Jones had a great game against the Rams, but the Rams could not have stopped a middle school running back. Patrick Willis is a true superstar at middle linebacker and with a supporting cast of Manny Lawson, Takeo Spikes and Justin Smith they have developed a nice group of players in the front seven. Seattle will look to the air more this game. 

There are my week two studs and duds, hopefully I will crack the .500 line this weekend. Also I want everyone to know that Jets Saftey Kerry Rhodes made one of the stupidest remarks possible. He is planning to "Embarrass" the Patriots this weekend. Hahaha, good luck. 



  1. Greg Jennings despite his wrist injury?!?!?

  2. Yessir, he played the majority of last weeks game with the injury, and he is expected to play this week.