Sunday, September 20, 2009

Houston's Finest Week Two NFL Picks

Last Week Record: 12-4
Overall Record: 12-4

With the first week of the NFL season and week two about to kick off its time to make my picks. A very entertaining yet in the end fairly predictable week one will not be followed up by a so predictable week 2. Week Two can be a make or break week, and there is only one thing every team wants on Sunday..and Monday...


Carolina-Atlanta: Atlanta- Until I see something a little more like football from Jake Delhomme i'm not sure i could pick them. 

Minnesota-Detroit: Minnesota- No brainer here, the Vikings are the far superior team and indecisive Brett will be decisive on the field, unless he retires at half-time. 

Cincinnati-Green Bay: Green Bay- The Bengals are cursed in my books, so prepare for another long season Bengal fans. Aaron Rogers will take care of business in this one. 

Arizona-Jacksonville: Arizona- I think the Cards pull this one off, Boldin will be healthier and will show up big. Big game for both teams though trying to avoid the dreaded 0-2 start. 

Oakland-Kansas City: Oakland- The Raiders actually looked good on MNF but just not quite good enough, and that was against the Chargers, the Chiefs are no Chargers. 

New England-New York Jets: New York- J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS will be the chant heard throughout the grounds in Giants stadium. Sanchez and the defense looked very good against what I though was a solid Houston team. Rex Ryan looks like he knows exactly what he is doing. 

New Orleans-Philadelphia: New Orleans- This game got far easier to pick once McNabb was ruled out, too bad this wasn't one week later so we could get the Michael Vick Experience. Drew Brees and the boys with have enough offenses power to win the one. WHO ARE WE?

Houston-Tennessee: Tennessee- Man did the Texans look bad last week, being a Texans fan it is heart-breaking to pick against them, but I just cant see them winning after the pitiful performance against the Jets.   

St. Louis-Washington: Washington- Home Opener for the Skins and they rarely disappoint on home openers. Look for today to be no different against the Rams. 

Tampa Bay-Buffalo: Buffalo- Bills looked good against the Pats until McKelvin decided to lose the game for them. This one should be a good game and I expect T.O. to find the endzone for the first time as a Bill in this one. 

Seattle-San Francisco: Seattle- Hassleback looked good against the Rams and so did Julius Jones, big game from Matt to carry the Hawks to victory. 

Pittsburgh-Chicago: Pittsburgh- The Steelers pulled out the W against the Titans thursday night and have had 10 days to prepare this one, give Mike Tomlin 10 days and give yourself a win. 

Cleveland-Denver: Cleveland- The Broncos had no right to win that game against the Bengals, and the Browns actually showed small bursts of talent against the Vikings, and that is all its gonna take to beat the Broncos. 

Baltimore-San Diego: San Diego: Even without LT the Chargers will win this one. The back of the future could become the back of the present in this one. Sproles will show up for this one. And Philip Rivers is gonna go all PHILIP RIVERS on the Ravens. 

New York Giants-Dallas: Dallas- I can not see the Boys losing to anyone in their opening home game at the new colossal Cowboys Stadium. Looking forward to see which punter hits the board first. 

Indianapolis-Miami: Indianapolis- Peyton is going to torch the Dolphins secondary on way to victory. 

There they are, so now kick back, relax and enjoy the games! And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR


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