Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fantasy Football Week One: Studs and Duds

Each week I will be posting a list of three players who I believe will have giant games, and three players who will certainly flop. The following weeks post will include the results of my previous weeks picks for studs and duds. 

Week One: Studs
1. Reggie Bush RB-N.O. - Reggie Bush needs to start living up to the expectations of being the number two pick in the 2006 NFL Draft and what a great opportunity he has has week one to do just that. He is playing the Lions... Bush has a lot of pressure on him due to the solid play of runningback Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell throughout the preseason. I believe Bush will use this pressure as motivation to prove he is worthy of the starting job and the number two pick. Plus he also just broke up with Kim Kardashian so he has to make her jealous.  

2. Carson Palmer QB-CIN - Carson is coming off of a major knee injury and the loss of his number one receiver (TJ Whosyourmama) so why would he be a Stud pick? Ochocinco. When you have a dual threat such as 85 is (dual threat as receiver or kicker) you are bound to put up some big numbers. The Broncos D is also going down in flames as Champ only gets older, the Broncos are clearly in a rebuilding year and Carson is going to make sure they know that. 

3. Eddie Royal WR-DEN - Eddie is looking to build of his breakout rookie campaign last year, and playing against the Bengals D should lock up a good start for him. Yes the Bengals got Roy Williams in the off-season, but when has that guy covered a passing play well? If Big Brandon does decide not to wear Pj's to the game then Royal should see some great match-ups and in all honesty, Kyle Orton is not thaaaat bad. Should be a huge game for the second year man out of Virginia Tech. 

Week One: Duds
1. Chris Johnson RB-TEN - Chris Johnson is coming off of a fantastic rookie year, but his sophomore debut will not be a pretty one. Johnson has to go up against the Steelers week one, and no running back is going to have fun playing against the Steelers. After one shot in the backfield from James Harrison, Chris is going to be calling for Big Fat LenDale to carry the ball. Dont expect Johnson to come near the 100 yard mark on the game. 

2. David Garrard QB-JAC - Garrard is coming off a big let down year throwing 13 picks while only throwing 3 the year before. His start against the new look Colts (No Dungy No Marvin) could be a tough one to get back on track. I see Dwight Freeney shooting past rookie Eugene Monroe and putting tons of pressure on Garrard. If the Jags are smart they will turn to MJD for much of their offense. With Bob He's Everywhere Sanders back and healthy as well it could be a long game for poor Davey. 

3. Jason Campbell QB-WAS - Tuck, Kiwanuka, Robbins, Cofield, Canty, Bernard, oh and that guy Osi. Yes that was the entire D-Line for the Giants, and that is about all I need to say as to why Campbell is going to struggle. He will be lucky to come out of this game with his head intact. 

      ^^^Wont Be Cheesin For Long^^^

Those are my Studs and Duds for week one. Let the tailgating begin!